Prices & Packages

B.Y.O.P (Build Your Own Package)

Good Vibrations wants you to have the best party possible, so, if you prefer, we offer you a music entertainment “buffet.” Which means; get some ideas from the above packages and then construct the party package that best suits your needs. If you are still unsure or have questions, don’t hesitate to call (631-754-1032) our office and ask for Greg. He’ll be more than happy to help you with all your entertainment needs.

Personnel Options (Please Call for Prices)

Emcee (MC): runs your party, verbally motivates crowd, moderates all ceremonial activities, leads line dances
Party Motivator/Dancer: by dancing and interacting, they keep your crowd up and involved
D.J. Apprentice: assists DJ/Emcee Combo
Karaoke Jock (KJ): KJ sings songs, passes out songlists, signs up singers, runs Karaoke System
Roadie: assists with setting up and transporting equipment up and down stairs

Lighting Packages

Basic Light Show: 3 Lights on T-Bar Tripod Truss (1 Rosetta, 1, Strobe, 1 Double Derby,) – $75.00
Intermediate Light Show: 9 Lights on a Cross-Bar Double Truss (2 Rosettas, 3 Rope Lights, 2 Strobe, 1 Avenger, 1 Double Derby) – $175.00
Deluxe Light Show & Truss System: 11 Lights (2 Martin 812 Intelligent Lights, 2 Rosettas, 1 Laser, 2 Strobes, 1 Avenger, 1 Double Derby, 2 12′ Rope Lights) on Two Tripods with Double Lattice Truss. – $250.00
Deluxe Light Extravaganza: 40 Lights!!! (4 Martin 812 Intelligent Lights, 2 Rosettas, 2 Beacons, 1 Double Derby, 1 Super Strobe, 1 Torpedo, 2 LyteQuest 150’s, 11 12′ Rope Lights, 10 – 4′ Black Lights, 4 Floods, 2 Red Lasers) Mounted on 9′ High, 10′ Wide Box Truss. – $350.00

Cool Extras

Photo Booths: See our Photo Booth Page for Prices and Details
50 Photo Memory Montage: 10-15 min. Slide Show w/ Cool Transition Effects and Personalized Music – 2 DVDs $250.00
Big Screen HD Video: Project your Slide Show on to an 8 foot screen $150.00
Karaoke Basic: 1 Monitor, song lists, request cards & comprehensive CD song library $150.00
Karaoke Plus: 2 Monitors, song lists, & comprehensive CD song library, dress-up props, musical instruments $225.00
Fog or Bubble Machine: (check for permission with your catering facility before ordering) $50.00
How Well Do You Know Trivia Game: $60.00 w/ custom artwork, $120.00 w/ 8 customized CD Prizes for winners
Dance Stage: 4′ x 4′ sturdy carpeted dance platform for guests to spotlight dance or perform. $60.00
Cocktail Hour: (for weddings) Easy Listening music played as your guests eat, drink, meet and greet. $150.00
Wedding Ceremony Music: Romantic Classical Music traditionally used at elegant wedding ceremonies. $100.00
Big Bass Bi-amp Sound System: 2 18″ Booming Bass Bins with 700 watt amp. $150.00 extra
Colorful confetti Launcher: for a Festive Introduction or if yelling “Surprise!” just isn’t enough. $35 per launch