The Finest Quality DJ Music and DJ Entertainment in New YorkOur Mission & Our Promise

To provide you, our future client, with the finest quality music entertainment available in the industry today. No matter what the party, we will carefully take you, step by step, through every aspect of the party planning process. This means, you’ll meet with me, the owner, Greg Legakis, personally. I will take a personal, interest in making sure that your party is exactly the way you envision it, but better.

When it comes time for your event, we will do our best to provide you and your guests with a fun, enjoyable experience. Our goal is that everyone enjoys our music, gets up and dances and remembers your party as the best one they’ve been to in years.

Our Entertainment Team

Highly Experienced and Professionally Trained Team of DJ’s & M.C.’s In Business for more than 25 Years

Good Vibrations DJ Entertainment has been in business, full-time, since 1988. We are a fully insured, professionally trained team of DJ’s, M.C.’s, party motivators and party planners. Our employees are all experienced, courteous and professional, and of course, talented. If you want our MC’s to be fun, energetic and interactive, they can be. If you want them to be more subdued and to use their vocal skills to entertain and motivate the crowd, no problem.
When we’re not being Wild & Crazy, it doesn’t mean we’re Mild & Lazy!

Our DJ Entertainers

Our DJ’s are well-trained, knowledgeable, courteous, and experienced. They pick the right song at the right time, make the mixes and play your requests. Our Dancers or “Party Motivators.” They are girls and guys who are full of smiles, energy, personality and dance skills. Whether it’s leading kids or adults in a variety of dances or getting the crowd motivated, there’s no one is better at making sure everyone is having fun.

Our Equipment & Our Music

Our company owns 4 in-house sound systems, fully equipped with powered speakers, mixing boards, wireless mics and digital music libraries. Our equipment provides a crisp, clear sound for small crowds (25-75 people), a rich powerful sound for medium crowds (75 – 200 guests) and a big “booming” sound for large crowds (200 – 1000 people). When it comes to the tunes, our song selection is immense. Each client is encouraged to select a variety of music from our massive “check box” Song List. With music ranging from Swing right through to the new millennium, we invite you to select all your favorite tunes from a list of the most popular fast and slow dance songs of the modern music era. You can be assured that we only the highest quality digital source material.

Our History

Highly Experienced and Professionally Trained Team of DJ’s & M.C.’s
In Business for more than 25 Years

The company was started by me, Greg M. Legakis, in 1988. At that time it was called Wild And Crazy Entertainment. I am presently the owner and president of Good Vibrations Entertainment. As of 1999, we no longer publicly use the “Wild And Crazy” name when contracting and performing parties and events. Here’s a little history about me, Greg M. Legakis and where the name Wild And Crazy Entertainment came from and how it evolved into Good Vibrations Entertainment.


When I graduated Indiana State University in 1982 with a B.A. Degree in Psychology, I was interested in pursuing a career in advertising. I moved up to a Chicago suburb. After a miserable year of working 11 to 7 at 7-Eleven, I stumbled on a job at a 50’s and 60’s Nightclub called Studebakers. This was my first formal plunge into the world of deejaying. The theme at Studebakers was not just oldies music, but much more. As the DJ, I was expected to dance, perform and lip sync continuously to motivate the crowd during the course of the night. The theme also required that managers, hostesses, waiters and waitresses join me “on the bar” or “on the dance floor” every 45 minutes in a choreographed dance routine. It was a blast! The crowd loved it, we loved it, and the club was a huge success. After a disagreement with management, I moved on to another Studebakers in Louisville, Kentucky where I did the same thing, except with a lot more control over every aspect of the music program. I was hired as the Music & Entertaiment Director.


After about a year there, in December of 1985, I decided to move back to New York and pursue a “real job.” However before I left, I was tagged with the nickname, “Wild And Crazy DJ” by a customer who recognized me on the street one day and said, “Hey, aren¹t you that Wild and Crazy DJ from Studebakers?”. From that day on, when people would recognize me, but didn’t know from where, I’d say, “You know me, I’m that Wild And Crazy DJ that performs at Studebakers.” When I moved back to New York, I bounced around for a while in TEMP jobs and even took classes at NYU in hopes of a behind the scenes Film career. I also had a few internships and even worked for Long Island’s News 12 for 8 months. I thought I was no longer interested in continuing a career as a DJ, until I found that my deep love for music and a generous offer from management enticed me back into the industry.


So in the middle of 1986 I began working in a brand new club in Hauppauge NY called Rio – The Nightclub. The original intent was not to be an oldies club, but at the last minute because of the trend toward Oldies, they changed the music theme to 50’s and 60’s –my specialty! For a year and a half, I was the hottest thing around, “The Wild Man at Rio” dancing, performing, sweating and whipping crowds into a bop-til’-ya-drop frenzy.Toward the end of my year and a half stretch at Rio, patrons began asking me if I did private parties. Before I knew it, I couldn’t “afford” to stay at Rio anymore because of all the requests to do private parties. (not to mention a five-fold increase in pay).I didn¹t know what to put on a business card, so Wild And Crazy DJ seemed like good a name as any. That’s when Wild And Crazy Entertainment officially came into being.


From 1988 thru 1996 I was Wild And Crazy Entertainment. Then in December of that year, I met the owner of Good Vibrations. He was interested in getting out of the business so I bought out the company. Over the next few years I became a little less “Wild and Crazy” and decided it was time for a change.

1999-Present Day

In 1999 I adopted the name Good Vibrations D. J. Entertainment full time. To this day Good Vibrations is a full time business that performs hundreds of events annually. What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been!

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