Children’s Parties

Our Kid Friendly DJ’s Will Keep Your Child & Their Friends Entertained
Fun, Upbeat & Age Appropriate

The music is always fun, upbeat and age appropriate. Our outstanding kid friendly DJ’s will definitely keep your child and their friends entertained. We play a variety of games and line dances throughout your event. The music is always fun, upbeat and age appropriate.

Backyard Halloween Party

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Group dances to get the whole party out onto the dance floor
Classics Everyone Will Know

Group dances and line dances are ways to bring everyone together at a children’s party. Group dance and line dance songs usually have set dance steps that most everyone will know, but you can always specify which you would like us to play and not to play.

Elementary School Halloween Dance Party – Cha Cha Slide

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Other Group Dances & Line Dances

Alley Cat
Cotton-Eyed Joe
Follow The Leader
Hand Jive
Hands Up
Harlem Shake
Hokey Pokey
Jump On It
Whip It, Nae Nae
Wobble Baby

Lean & Dab
Mississippi Slide
Shout Pts. 1 & 2
Soul Man
Stop! In The Name of Love
Supermodel Stroll
Surfin’ USA
Time Warp

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