Q: What time will Good Vibrations Employees arrive to set up for my party?

A: Depending on the package you choose, we will arrive to set up between 30 to 90 minutes before your party starts. The time varies because we may need extra time to set up a large light show or karaoke or because there are stairs or just a longer distance than usual between where our vehicle is parked and where we need to set up. Either way, we leave plenty of extra time when we leave the office and are often set up and playing music well before your event is scheduled to begin.

Q: How many songs can you play at my party?

A: It’s really a matter of simple mathematics. If the average song is 3 minutes, then that’s approximately 20 songs per hour. And if your party is 4 hours, then we’ll probably play around 80 songs at your party.

Q: Will you take requests during my party?

A: Yes, we will take yours and your guests requests throughout your affair.

Q: Do you play too loud?

A: During your party, we frequently check the room to see if the volume is at an appropriate level. Sound levels can often depend on where you are sitting in the room or the acoustics of that room.

Our Philosophy: If you ask us to turn it up, then you are having a good time, but if you’re asking us to turn it down, then you are probably annoyed. We’ll do our best to try to avoid annoying you or your guests by playing too loud.

Bottom Line: If you want us to turn it down or turn it up, just let us know. All it takes is the slight nudge of a button.

Helpful Hint: Whenever possible, don’t seat your older relatives close to the D.J. set-up, even if it’s closer to the entrance into the room. Requiring Grandma to take a few extra steps, is a lot better than having to hear for weeks how she couldn’t have a decent conversation because the music at your party was “too darn loud.”

Q: Do Good Vibrations D.J.’s play songs with curses or objectionable lyrics in them?

A: No! Our company policy, whenever possible, is to avoid playing these songs or at least play the “clean” version of the song.

Since “clean” is a subjective term, we encourage you to inform us what your personal standards are. When songs are sexually explicit, use the “S” word, the “N” word, the “F” word or a variety of well known vulgar slangs, we will not play them. Unfortunately, sometimes it¹s hard to know where to draw the line, especially when a song is exceptionally popular.

Bottom Line: We use our best judgment and are especially cautious when children are in attendance.

Q: Will Good Vibrations Employee’s drink alcohol or smoke during my party?

A: Although, clients occasionally encourage us to “have a drink,” our company policy is that it is both unprofessional and unacceptable for any employee to drink alcohol on the job.

Regarding smoking: It is also unacceptable for Good Vibrations employees to smoke anywhere in plain sight of the clients or their guests, especially children. Some employees if they “must smoke,” are instructed to do so out of plain sight of the guests.

Any employee that violates this policy, seriously jeopardizes their position in our company.

Q: How will Good Vibrations Employees dress for my event?

A: We always dress neatly and professionally. If your event is a formal event, such as a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, indoor corporate event, christening, communion or any other semi-formal or formal event, we will wear a bow tie, full back vest, and a tuxedo.

If your event is outdoors and more casual, we wear black pants or shorts, rubber soled shoes, and a Polo-style company shirt with our logo on it. There are some variations. Let us know what style of dress you feel will be most appropriate for your event.

Q: Why don’t you list package prices on your website?

A: The main reason is because prices often vary from party to party. For example: Although a wedding package may appear to be the same as a backyard summer party package, in that they both may include a DJ and MC, party goods and lights. The difference is in the intangibles.

There is alot more preparation and more responsibilities that go into the planning of a wedding. Generally speaking, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and corporate events command higher prices than communions, sweet 16’s, Christenings and birthday parties.

Other variables include, the time of year, day of the week and party location. Parties in January and February are typically discounted. Parties held on Monday thru Thursday at any time of the year are also discounted. And when a party is on the 3rd floor and there is no elevator, or we are required to travel an extended distance, there is an additional charge.

Q: How do I pay for Good Vibrations services?

A: You can pay by Check, Cash, Money Order or Master Card or Visa.

We require approximately a 40% deposit of the total fee for our services prior to your event. Your deposit can be paid by Check, Cash, Money Order or Master Card or Visa. The balance is due, in CASH, upon set up of equipment at the beginning of the event.

We will make balance due exceptions to Cash for corporate or professional organization checks. No personal checks are accepted for the balance due. There is an 10% surcharge on balances paid with personal checks.

There is never any tax or hidden charges on our services.

Q: Will you play requests?

A: Although we don’t promise to absolutely, positively play every request we get, we sincerely do our best to play as many as we can. Remember, not all songs are appropriate at certain times. As professionals we will do our best to work in requests as quickly as possible. In other words, you can’t be expected to play a rock song in the middle of a disco set without seriously jeopardizing the integrity of a full dance floor.

Our goal is to keep people dancing. It would be unfair to sacrifice the momentum of a really rockin’ dance floor just so you can get someone’s inappropriate request in sooner. Naturally, If the host or hostess asks us to play something right away, we will. But, by the same token, if the timing is also bad, we’ll let them know what’s at stake.

Q: Are You sufficiently insured?

A: Occasionally, catering halls will require D.J.’s to have liability insurance. If your caterer requests a copy of our policy, we will be happy to fax a copy to their office.

Q: What is your policy on cancellations, postponements and rescheduling?

A: Cancellations:

  • After signing an agreement you have 3 days to cancel without losing any of your deposit.
  • If you cancel more than 90 days before your event, your deposit will also be refunded.
  • If you cancel between 45 and 90 days before your event, one half of your deposit will be refunded, if we re-book the same date and time slot.
  • If you cancel within 45 days of your event, your deposit is non-refundable.

Postponements & Rescheduling: If you find it necessary to postpone your party to a future date, we will allow you to apply your deposit to that new date provided that it’s within 6 months of the original date and we have it available. However, we do not guarantee the same personnel. If it’s less than 30 days before the event, and it is necessary to juggle our schedule to accommodate your change, there is a $75 service fee. If a party is canceled because of weather, deposit is non- refundable. All rain dates must be “spelled out” in your contract to be valid.

Q: I’d like to give the D.J. something extra. What size tip would be appropriate?

A: Although gratuities are never expected, they are greatly appreciated if you feel that the D.J. or other employee deserves something extra.

10-15% of the total fee is considered appropriate for a solo D.J. If you are tipping a dancer, $30 is considered fair. M.C.’s and accompanying D.J.’s are typically given $50 each, especially if they really “rock” the party.

Q: Do you bring back-up equipment?

A: We often carry a back up equipment, especially CD players and amplifiers, to the majority of our events, however, sometimes this is not possible because we have multiple events on the same day. This shouldn’t be a major concern, however, because our equipment is top of the line, professional sound equipment that is used regularly and is well maintained. The chances of equipment completely failing is remote.

The truth is any company that sends out multiple systems probably doesn’t carry back up equipment. Most of there backup systems are on the road doing other gigs.

Q: Do you use CDs or are you completely Digital?

A: We exclusively use Digital Music. We also carry both a backup digital and CD library. Our Music selection consists of over 12,000 of the most popular dance songs of all time. The following genres are included: Swing, Oldies, Motown, Disco, Classic Rock, Country, New Wave, Reggae, Dance, Hip Hop, Rap and Childrens Music among others. See our request list here: Song Requests

Q: Do you offer Karaoke?

A: Yes. We offer a full Karaoke sound system w/ song lists, television monitors, request cards and a Professional Karaoke DJ. We also offer you the option of performing with props like inflatable instruments, cool sunglasses, funny hats and shiny mylar wigs.