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Your Wedding is not just any wedding because you and your fiance’ will meet personally with Owner, DJ, and MC Greg Legakis. He will go over, in detail, each and every important aspect of your special day to insure that everything is turns out perfectly.

Pamela and Patrick Shanley’s Wedding

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Allow us to walk you through the process of how we’ll make
Your Wedding A Special Day

    1. We’ll begin by getting to know the two of you personally; getting to know your expectations, your likes and dislikes.
    2. We will seek to find every necessary detail to plan out the most effective approach to creating a successful wedding.
    3. We will ask whether you will be getting married on premises, and if so, will you be needing Ceremonial Music.
    4. We will want to know if you are having a Cocktail Hour, whether it’s in the same or separate room, and will you need music.

Of course there’s the Bridal Party Introductions,
so we’ll need to know a few things such as:

    1. Would you like friends and family to gather around the dance floor for your introductions?
    2. Who will be introduced in your bridal party?
    3. Is there any special intro music to be played for the grand entrance?
    4. What is your first dance song?
    5. Who in your bridal party will join you on the floor?
    6. Will you consider an option for a second dance and why you should?

After Intros and First Dance, we discuss the following:

    1. Will there be a Blessing on the Food and/or a Best Wishes Toast? Who will be offering either or of these options?
    2. Would you like us to play a variety of styles of music throughout the party or emphasize a certain genre’?
    3. What styles of music would you NOT like played during your reception?
    4. How closely would you like us to follow the Song List that you submitted through our website?
    5. Will you allow us to take and play your guest’s musical requests?
    6. How much interaction would you like between the M.C. and your guests? (i.e. Electric Slide, Macarena, Y.M.C.A. etc.)
    7. How involved will the bride and groom be with dancing and crowd participation?
    8. Near the end of dinner we can do a Passing Game with the tables to determine who takes home the centerpiece?

After dinner we discuss with you the options
for the following wedding traditions:

    1. Will you be having a Cake Cutting Ceremony? What Song would you like played during the cutting?
    2. Will the bride and groom be having a dance with their parents? What songs would you like played?
    3. Will there be a Bouquet and Garter Ceremony? Do you have musical preferences for the ceremony?

Finally, we discuss how you would like the party to end:

    1. Would you prefer ending on a high note?
    2. Or would you prefer ending with a romantic ballad?

Additional Options:

  1. Would you like Party Handouts to spice up the festivities? (i.e. Leis, Sunglasses, Maracas, Hats, Glow Necklaces etc.)
  2. Would you like to add a little flash to the fun with one of our dynamic Lighting Packages?
  3. Would you like to add a Special Effect such a Fog Machine, Bubble Machine or Laser Light Show?

Voila! There you have it, a comprehensive overview of the many aspects and ingredients that go into making a successful wedding a fun and memorable event. If you like what you see, then make an appointment and let us show you in person, how we can make your hopes for a fabulous reception a reality.

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